Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Support the Gurkhas. DO IT!

I've sent this to my MP via www.writetothem.com - please do something similar.

I wish to ask you to support with your full parliamentary weight the campaign for Gurkha Justice - I understand there is a debate and vote scheduled for this Wednesday and trust that you will be in the house for this. This, surely, is not a subject on which partisan politics is appropriate and I feel you should vote with your conscience, not necessarily your party.
I imagine I am the umpteenth person to write to you regarding this matter, but I believe that this is indicative of the strength of feeling that the British people and enourmous respect for the contribution made by the Gurkhas over more than a century of sterling service to our country, and feel that the very least we can give them is support in their retirement years.
Certainly caveats on the criteria are to expected - e.g. minimum service (but not the outrageous 15 years that is currently the case; I'd suggest 3 years) and a not eligible after a dishonourable discharge rule, for example; but my understanding of the current rules is that they are unnecessarily harsh and exclusive.
Plus, of course, both the "Gurkha Palace" and "Gurkha Chef" in St. Leonard's are superb restaurants. And Joanna Lumley is *truly* gorgeous!
Yours sincerely,

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