Friday, 3 April 2009

Local Paper

I despair. I wrote the following to the local paper, and all there is on the letters page is people bitching about dogshit on the pavements and how they don't like the look of the proposed new local art gallery ("Ooh it's a bit too *modern* for my liking").
Why not print something that's not so bloody *anodyne* for christ's sake..

In the press:
A youth has a history of aggressive behaviour, minor court appearances, convictions for violence dating back some years. Each time he has been before a magistrate or judge he has been described as a coiled spring, an explosion waiting to happen. His defenders claim he is misunderstood and has had a rough deal since his school days (where he was the class bully). This 'wannabee gangster' also has convictions for knife crime, a fact that should have been acknowledged before his recent conviction
Was it the case of Jimmy Mizen's murderer Jake Fahri in the National press? On the 10 o'clock news?
Yes and No.
There's a piece of pondscum from {local area} who has been in the '{local paper}' over and again for the last few years - and in two different reports in last Friday's for separate offences - for exactly this sort of thing and the prior headlines and reports of his court cases have been almost *exactly* the same as Fahri's, it's almost eerily identical.
What has to happen before these lowlifes are removed from the streets and the 'give-them-one-more-chance' attitude is finally dropped for the drivel that it really is?

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