Monday, 29 March 2010

La Toynbee talks sense shocker

I rarely do political posts. There are others far more perceptive, perspicacious and downright *bothered* than I, and do it better than I could ever manage to. Possibly because I have a life and no anger management issues hence don't spend most of my working day venting my spleen all over the blogosphere (oh god did I just say "blogosphere"?).
I heard Polly Toynbee say something sensible this morning on R4. No really.
She said (something along the lines of) the Gordon Brown factor no longer being a millstone around the Labour Party's neck; because "the public already hate him and it's impossible to hate him any more than he is hated already. So it's no longer an issue in the runup to the election".
So anything else (DC being a tit, for instance) can only be a bonus.

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