Thursday, 24 September 2009

Pissed old git dead.

Hmmm - “Floyd just wanted to cook, eat well, get a bit pissed, make enough money to maintain his somewhat hedonsitic lifestyle and enjoy himself. Don’t we all?"

Well, I would contend that "live a lot longer than 65 years" would have also featured on that list if anyone had actually asked him. And he had no cash to continue being hedonistic because (yet another) ex-wife was fleecing him for his last sou. Plus from the programme about him last week his very self-awareness that he had turned into an obnoxious, arrogant pisshead and irretrievable cunt was palpable in his every sweaty, laboured, dying breath. His self-loathing was bountifully evident in his demeanour after he told his daughter - who he hadn't seen or contacted in 10 years - to "shut your fucking face" at their reunion dinner. Giles Coren has it right (as ever) here:

(apologies for duplication - this is a reply I'd posted on Steve Shark's blog ( here)

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SteveShark said...

I didn't see the recent program so I didn't appreciate what Floyd was like shortly before he died.

That he was an alcoholic was always a given as far as I was concerned and that condition isn't pretty - I've known several people with it, some of whom have died and it's something I'm heartily glad I don't suffer from.

Public face v. private persona is always liable to cause msunderstandings and false impressions, so many thanks for drawing my attention to a few more facts and an interesting GC article.

A very flawed person, but still one I think who gave a lot of people a lot of entertainment and some great culinary ideas.