Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New to the blogosphere (does that word mark me out as way behind the times already? Sigh. So be it. And b*llocks do I care, too :-) )

So an inflammatory one to begin, 'cos this gets right up my nose.

It strikes me that the Heathrow climate change protestors are the archetypal mob - i.e. the usual collection of swampys, crusties, wasters and soap-dodgers that you'd expect to see on a bandwagon like this. Tie-dye, dreadlocks, 'african' drums, multi-coloured homeknit sweaters, vegan food stalls, dogs on bits of string, beefy women in dungarees and CND flags abound.
What's any of that got to do with the declared objective?
You look at the tepees and banners and all the other paraphernalia they've brought along and apart from the odd "No third runway" and "No more flights" flag it all seems to have been quite obviously hijacked by the anti-globalism crusaders.
And I reckon that they'll be staying on past their stated one week - I can see another Greenham Camp emerging.
Although climate change itself is more or less self-evident, as far as I can see the case for it being human-activity created is being pretty comprehensively dismantled with good, clear, unemotional real science. It seems to me that some sections of society aren't happy unless they're breast-beating about how man is the root of all bad things on the planet, in contradiction to good science and they're eager to lap up any and all poorly based and exaggerated but emotionally satisfying arguments that prop up this prejudice.
Can anyone explain why that is?

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Nioki said...

Tie-dye, dreadlocks, beefy women in dungarees; I was there, and trust me I don't fit your stereotype.

We protested against the third runway because the government is obviously ignoring the scientist's hard proof that unless we drastically change our ways, global warming will increase to the point that we, the human race, will not be able to survive.

So, contrary to your beliefs, we are not a section of society that hates mankind and is trying to blame everything upon humans; we instead seem to be the only section of society who can be bothered to get off our couches and stand up for the environment, therefore trying to save earth, and therefore trying to save humanity.

Everything we protest against is backed up by reliable, solid scientific evidence.

Emotions doesn't even come into the equation; whether the state of the planet upsets you or not, you should still be trying to save it, for your sake if not for anyone elses.